revealing the value of every face


What is face reading?


Face reading, or physiognomy, is an ancient art spanning thousands of years and various cultures, wherein one's character--and even one's personal history--can be deduced by analyzing features on the face.  

Chinese face reading has its roots in the ancient Chinese Medicine doctors who started to notice patterns in the faces of people who had similar physical ailments. Eventually, they began to notice emotional correlations to people’s facial features. 

In the West, the father of modern-day face reading is thought to be 18th-century Swiss philosopher Johann Caspar Lavater, who penned the first tome on the subject.  Other cultures that have embraced and utilized this discipline include ancient Greece and India.  

No matter where face reading has shown up in history or in time, all of its adherents agree on the fundamental premise that the various features of the face reveal one's overall patterns of behavior and personal responses to their world so far.   

In layman's terms, prepare to be amazed by the story that is written on your face! Everything from your outlook on life, your communication and work style, your intimacy requirements, your sensitivity, and even your personal history can be deciphered from the appearance of your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.  Oftentimes, after a reading, people tell me that they feel "truly seen" for the first time. Get ready to face who you really are with objective lenses and a compassionate heart!  

How Can Face Reading Help You Everyday?


Aside from being a tool of self-discovery, there are so many different applications of face reading that the list is almost too long to type here. Some interesting uses of this discipline are in parenting, sales, teaching, dating, workplace interactions, jury selection, movie casting, and many more.     

About Me


Face reading, in its many iterations, has fascinated me for over 15 years. Grateful for having studied with and been mentored by the modern-day leaders in Chinese Face Reading, Oriental Diagnosis, Behavioral Genetics, and general physiognomy, I decided to strike out on my own in 2017.  Ever a student of holistic health and wellness, I feel that truly knowing yourself is the first step on the path to healing. And face reading is one of the simplest, yet most profound tools that I have ever encountered for this purpose.    

In alignment with this course of study, the dimple at the end of my nose certainly speaks to the myriad occupations I've held throughout my life: certified reflexologist; children's author; ESL tutor; event planner; literary agent assistant; and, finally, mom to two rambunctious twin boys. 

If interested in purchasing The Far Corners, my award-winning children's middle-grade book that explores the relationship between man and nature, please click on the link below.