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Q: Do you offer medical diagnosis as part of the face reading?


A: I am not a doctor, nor a trained diagnostician; therefore, I do not diagnose anything.       

Q: Does face reading work for everybody?       

A: Yes!  Regardless of your age, race, or class, your face broadcasts unique messages with its features. Universally, anyone and everyone can be read.       


“Never in my life have I experienced something so personally moving and so incredibly accurate. Through her reading, she was able to “quiet” that overly critical voice in my head and give me a completely new perspective on myself. Elaine has made all the difference in my life! ”--Melissa, NY 

"Elaine did facial readings for myself and my two children and I felt she was extremely accurate. I didn't know my face told so much! I will be keeping the kids readings to put in their baby books." --Cara, Canada     


The purpose of face reading is to educate, entertain, and to enhance self-knowledge.  The information provided by Elaine Gartner during a face reading, as well as the information contained within this website, is not meant to compete with or replace the advice of a medical doctor or psychologist, nor does it guarantee a particular result.